Hannah's alter egos

Hannah's Alter egos (http://femmefatalemakeup.com/)
Painting study 
14" x 18" Illustration board. Medium is Holbein Acryla Gouache. 

This is apart of the beauty collection (http://www.orlandosanchezart.bigcartel.com/category/beauty-collection) Portraying Hannah's different personas. She is an amazing model to work with and a great make up artist.


Kara's expression

 Progress shots of the piece. This one really tested my drawing ability because I couldn't 
get it to look right until re-drawing it 3 times and having help with photo reference towards the end. Once the drawing was correct a sense of relief and relaxed feeling came over me and really let me play with the values in the shadows to get a luminescent feel. One of my favorite parts besides her expression were how the dots made a big difference on the design of the composition. Hope you enjoy:)

Original Artwork available at: