Phidias Reception Show Dec 2nd

Drawing #69 
Drawing #71
This Friday Show opening for The Distillation Show. I had the pleasure of painting one of the bottles that will  in the show. The bottle is a portrait of a muse, Roben, who has inspired me to create a book. This book explores black and white drawing ,design, and capturing the essence of a person. Over 140 drawings in two separate sketch books. Currently the book is at 90 drawings now and still cranking. It should be released online around New Year's. But the Distillation show has my "Muse" bottle with 3 drawings and a mysterious portrait that can be purchased there:) We all need someone to inspire us to create. 

Also Francis created an Amazing t-shirt for the show and an awesome bottle of his muse. Here is a preview of the shirt design.

I want to thank Wesley Eggebrecht  for letting me be apart of the show. I like his Phidias Gold apparel idea of the 10th muse.  Check it and have an awesome night!


Vincent Nappi said...

gorgeous stuff, Orlando

all the best with the show!

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thank you Vincent I'm confident the show will look awesome because of all the other great artist and the people putting it together.