Everyone should be some type of artist

The next best drawing I have done of a figure....ever. I will keep pushing the background to have more interaction with the figure. This is the first of thirty pieces I intend to create and make a second book along with the 30 portraits which are all a study of beauty. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so I will show the beauty that I discover for myself in the images and writing that I create. I just finished watching http://www.presspauseplay.com/ and in the film they discuss that more and more people are becoming some type of artist because it is easier and cheaper thanks to the digital world and some think of it as a problem. The first reaction I had was how wonderful it would be if everyone had some creative outlet that they could share with the world because even if everyone was an artist the more important thing to think about is the persons perspective and how they view and create things. I have personally discovered that just beginning the search for beauty has led me to have a more intense experience of life and to appreciate things more. It sounds cheesy I know. But if your an artist you know that you view the world differently and more intense then if you had no creative outlet. That's my rant for tonight now to finish this piece. Thank you for listening and if you have time watch the film it will make you think;)

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