As a person who sits for the majority of the day I feel it necessary to give at least one hour a day to exercise. Whether it be walking, lifting, stretching, running, jumping, swimming, biking, or basically anything that allows your body to move and get you away from the desk. I used to make excuses why not to go out and run or lift weights. I would stick with exercising for a couple months and then stop for a couple for whatever reason. At certain times I felt fit enough, and would substitute that time with more work. I believe a constant maintenance of your body is necessary. Considering that you’re always using your body and forcing it to sit or stand all day.  Your body needs that constant uptake from what you eat to how you treat it. When I sit for too long I can feel  my body getting fidgety. When I need more energy for the day, coffee is my go to, but I recognize eventually down the line my body won’t react to it as well. If I want more energy, then cardio is a better answer. After all what caffeine helps in is getting more blood flowing to your brain. 

The more I started a daily habit of getting out and either lifting weights, biking, or running, the more I noticed a big difference in a positive mood, and creativity. For example when I get frustrated with a painting or can’t seem to focus because I am thinking of something else, I go run and come back refreshed and more focused. Here in downtown Austin where the studio is at, there is a river a couple blocks down where I go run alongside of. It’s relaxing to run with so many plants and trees around the river. I’m fascinated by how much nature there is in such a close range of the city. In conclusion, cardio has allowed me to have more energy, taught me discipline when done daily, helps with stress, and looking better. Imagine not exercising and always working: maybe this seems like a good idea to get more work done. But if you’re physically incapable of doing more work after a couple years of constant work, then your purpose to work more is shut down. What I believe is If I am always going to be working, then I should get a few things scheduled into my day in order to work more efficient and feel better. 

Word of caution; Always stretch and make sure to workout your quads in order to not get runners knee that I have right now. I still bike but it isn’t the same. That’s another story. Thank you for reading and critiques or questions are welcomed. 

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Vincent Nappi said...

thanks for sharing these drawings and your thoughts, Orlando!

Jelter said...

Really nice drawings! I know how you feel about sitting most of the day. It doesn't seem like a big deal at first but after a while it feels really unhealthy.

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thanks guys.

Jelter- When I feel my body says "hey listen I can't do this anymore" I try to listen and do something about. Sometimes hunger gets in the way of being in the zone. But at a certain time I have to just stop and say it will be okay to stop and eat. hahahaha

sishir Prithvi Bommakanti said...

your designs and figures are killer! thanks for all the cool inspiration man! and also the advice you've given during your visit to the Academy!

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thank you sishir.