The best weekends in Austin might be the hottest!

What an adventure this weekend it involved the police department doing some CSI, Austin record heat, the Emergency Room, and the coolest fashion show I have been apart of. I had a great time getting together with friends that came from Dallas, Treeport, and Chicago. I was educated in the art of wine tasting, by the way don't chew gum before you go and taste wine. Below are the drawings I did at Fashion-Easta in Austin. I had such a great time drawing these wonderful models in some well designed kimonos. Here is the link to their Facebook page to check out more photos. I want to thank Andi and Jackioh for letting me be apart of this. I also want to thank the amazing models that posed for the drawings and all the very kind people at the event.  

“As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight.” ~James McNeill Whistler



Watts said...

Something about those fashion girls are my favorite drawings of yours! Is it the palette? The strokes? The boldness? I don't know! They rock though.

Orlando Sanchez said...

haha Thanks Watts. I think I am getting to a better understanding of design that might be a reason why those came out interesting and I was limited to time. I say better design is the answer. haha