Draw, draw, draw, and draw some more!

And the winner is...
Thank you to everyone who came out to Dr. Sketchy's!
This is Kick ass Brittany!
Me and Rd-d2, What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The crew at TAD ATX and brittany. haaha

One of my favorites!
Taffeta Darling with her great poses.
Emily wearing Jennifer Ayers costume at the after party.

***Each drawing is on 18"x24" newsprint paper done with nupastel.

Hello everyone,

So this past weekend was crazy Awesome! Started of with the con and several wonderful models combined with great costumes created by Jennifer Ayers. More photos of the events here. I want to thank Brittany, Samantha, Jay, Jennifer Ayers.

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Raul Allen said...

Awesome work Orlando.
Great to see this much work coming from you!