Big drawing

Here is a drawing I worked on last night on a biggie newsprint paper 24"by36" which is bigger then I normally work. I spent the majority of the time on the drawing last night. It feels so awesome to draw bigger. This morning I woke up early to finish the background. Francis Vallejo came up and I asked him what I should do with the background? That's when he handed me Dorland's wax medium which Mark English uses! So if your wondering how I did that strip on her face it was just wax put over nupastel. I finished up the piece with a big oil stick which are those white dotes around her. I will be doing more of these because I had so much fun with this one. Till tomorrow!


Dustin d'Arnault said...

Dude this is beautiful!

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thanks bro!

Vincent Nappi said...

awesome piece!

how does the newsprint stand up to all this abuse? wax, oilbars, nupastel, you're stretching the limits! slick.