new deck plus...

Hey there,
What I have here is a series of boards that I will be creating and working on for a while. Lets call it a portfolio. The first one I did is the flamenco dancer. On the very top you see how I started with a pencil drawing, then I spray fixed the drawing so it would not smudge when I did the wash of color. After that I put the lights and darks with some final brush work on the flower and bam. First of many -Orlando- originals. If you would like a custom board contact email me at osanchezart@gmail.com


Hugh Langis said...

your brother must be loving this!

Oliver Dominguez said...

Nice work man, I keep on forgetting to give you the skateboards, there at the Cape Coral house. Remind me to give them to you. Nice piece man. Colors are great and the flow of the dress feels nice. I think that the woman hand is to close to the guys hand. Its making one big odd shape. But I can't wait to see the rest of your boards finished. I gotta tell me how it went at the skate show!