The finised product

Hello everyone,
The assignment is a family portrait. The idea is that they have just received the holy ghost (The birds as the symbol). The halo's represent becoming in a way enlightened. The medium used is holbeins acrylic gouche. It dries quick and allows for glazing for making color adjustments. The color was taken from A landscape that Mark English did in the past. I also use the tracing paper for the layout of the birds and for creating the faces thanks to watching the demo by Chris Payne I believe they came out ok. The approach in the clothing was taken from Sterling Hundley. Thanks Sterling. Finally the white teeth from Daniel Adel to bring in the focus by having the darkest dark next to the lightest light with the sharpest edge. One more thing I didn't know what to do with the bottom white but I thought it would bring interest into the composition, should I keep it or crop it?
Thank you for stopping by.


Jonathan Aller said...

Great painting Orlando! I personally like the white in the bottom it gives a frame quality and it draws your eyes Into the composition. Again congrats on a great painting!

Hugh Langis said...

I'd crop the top until you hit a little bit of the circle behind your brother. As for the bottom, leave a little bit of white and crop part of the birds. Fantastique Monsieur Sanchez

Jonathan Aller said...

Thanks for those really nice words Orlando! To answer your question yes the painting is in oils I only work in oils now. The process I used is just transfered the drawing onto the canvas enthen start from the darks to the lights.

oliverd_876@Hotmail.com said...

Hows it going man, nice piece man. When i saw it in person it blew my mind, there always no justice in the computer its better in person. Love the final piece.



Orlando Sanchez said...

I think I need a new scanner to be honest.

Kenny Callicutt said...

well despite the shitty scan.. I think its pretty swell.

I like the value range, but now I wonder what it really looks like.