Oil paints vs Sanchez

Wow the oil paints were beating me for a while and then I came back to regulate. Hope you enjoy the painting.


Dustin dArnault said...

Hey man the painting is looking good. I was wondering if you changed up the background color...to a cooler lighter blue maybe? Just a though.
Keep it up bro!

oliverd_876@Hotmail.com said...

Sup man, awesome portrait. One thing try to fade the end of the point of the glasses. The cool colors are very nice feel to it but you could introduce some neutral color to the back ground to bring that highlight to the face more. But over all, its a well done painting. Next time go thicker on the paint application. Look at some N.C Wyeth, or Sargent.



Orlando Sanchez said...

Thank you for the critique. Oh and I don't know why it came out so cold. I think it might be because of the lighting in my room. I will change the background to bring up the highlight in the face. And I think I have been painting thin because of the acrylics. Next painting will be thicker!

Lamar M said...

This is really cool. I actually dont mind the cool background at all. but I'm noooob. keep up it up man