Robin's figure painting

This is a before image

 Finished this figure painting of Robin last night from a figure session. She posed for 3 hours and after words I took a picture and from the image I was able to finish this painting. I had originally painted the figure in only the blue color but I felt that it was even close to exploring mark making color and playing with accidents. So I took a quarter inch brush and started to obliterate some of the figure with the yellowish green color. I'm happy that I did it, it became more exciting to paint and it looks better, plus it was a fun challenge. If your interested in the painting above it is now available at http://orlandosanchezart.bigcartel.com/product/robin Thanks. 

Here are a couple images from the scans I have done so far the Muse Robin book #2. It's been a lot of fun creating all these drawings and seeing what more I can push in one direction or another. 

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