I love what I do

These were decks created for "Stack the Deck" show
presented by Phidias Gold




Lately I've been on the computer more messing with photos and photoshop but any chance I get I choose to paint with Holbiens Acrylic Gouache. When I paint I try to look for some great inspiration to get me going in a direction like my new favorite book Sex & Crime the book cover art of Benicio. I love the way he paints his figures and the portraits are gorgeous! Also for my new favorite online place to find great design inspiration is http://designspiration.net/ this is such an amazing site!!! Recently I joined pinterest and you can follow me at pinterest.com/sanchezart. Great way to organize my online inspirations. One more thing,  I have an online gallery store that I  have been working on where I will be showing the latest body of work since December keep an eye out for that:) Alright you have an amazing day, take care now;)


Dustin d'Arnault said...

killing it sir!

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thank you man! I'm glad you like what I have been working on:)