This is Ashlie in a one hour pose from Thursday night. In this approach I attempted to leave the white of the paper showing and allow it to become a part of the composition. It has been a while since I grabbed some random color up and started to draw with it to see how I would begin to create an interesting color space that the image can live in. One trick I learned about color harmony is that if you take the colors of the foreground, image in this case the figure, and put them all in the background, then color harmony will be made and the colors don't look so out of place. For the background I also put in the color pink on top of the blue to create a pattern on the sheets and to mix the colors on top of one another. Just like mixing the blue in with the pink for lost edges. What I am learning to create after the figure is drawn and I begin to design the background of the figure is that I am undergoing a process of creating my own visual language with in the composition. I hope you enjoy.

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