Happy Halloween

Drawing done during the session:
An hour more of critical thinking and designing: 
This is Ashlie's first time posing as an art model and man did she do great! Every pose came with a mood and attitude, for example this was one of the longer poses where midway through we had to change the music to the black keys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5SHOX6eomk because it was very appropriate to her look. She is real sweet chill laid back person with plenty of mystery behind her eyes. The more that I figure draw different models and get to know them the more excited I am to capture their pose, mood, and personality in the pieces. She has the coolest looking hair to draw as well, it always has a great shape to it.

Halloween is coming up and this Saturday outside the studio will be a stage and easles that the students and I will be drawing some awesome models with their costume on. It is going to be an amazing weekend of drawing. Happy Halloween everyone!

One more thing remember the hover board from back to the future well get ready for it http://kottke.org/11/10/quantum-levitation oh yeah!!!

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Scott said...

Orlando, what kind of a surface are you using on this drawing? Is it some kind of drawing paper, or illustration board? Not quite sure from the photos. Great piece!