Portraying dreams

Here are two different drawings each 3 hour pose of the same figure and very similar in certain ways but I would have to say that the second one accomplished what I wanted better. I wanted to figure out with composition how to create a better mood for the figure drawing. Which one would you give the thumbs up to?


Evan Norman said...


rinaj said...

I like the colours in the first painting. but the mood in the second painting is more interesting in my opinion. to write it a bit mean: first painting is more 'decorative'. (I still like it though) :)

Tyler Schatz said...

beautiful work orlando, your design and draftsmanship are becoming unparalleled sir! i'd gladly put these up on my wall, but i must say the bottom one would go someplace real special!

out of curiosity, what mood were you trying to convey in each of these pieces?

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thank you!

The top piece I had a great angle that had a very sincere mood to it and midway through I forgot about the mood because I was having a very difficult time with the face. Then I started working on the background. So by this time I was panicking to make at least an okay 3 hour drawing. Thankfully it came out okay. I neglected the abdominal region because of the amount of time focused on the face. I think the compositional elements saved it a bit.

The second one I wanted a dreamy mood with sincerity. And I wanted to do a lot better job at the ribs this time. Again towards the end I had a panicking moment because the face was very hard to draw and I was still not happy with it. At the last 15 minute session I pulled out the face, which was completely rubbed off, and put some more simple patterns to activate dead space around her. Thanks for the question.

Lamar Mathurin said...

wont stop can't stop!