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Hey everyone,

Hope your doing great! I am working on a couple of really cool projects that I have been wanting to do since I got to Austin. One is an Album cover and other promotional products for the best dj around here. Dj Dojo who is also teaching classes here at TAD studio. And the other is the second poster for Dr. Sketchy's which this months theme is comic books. I am going to have to research pin-up models for that one. (I know.The things that I have to put up with) I am also going to be going to ART Outside with TAD to represent! Art Outside is a 3-day Camping Festival on October 22-24 at apache pass. I also have plans for doing some landscape painting during my time there. Don't worry I'll take photos. One Last thing Kanye west's Album is going to be coming out in the middle of November. If you didn't know I am a huge Kanye fan. I have been working on a piece to send to him off and on since last month so as soon as it is done you should see it. Way more news to come stay tuned in.

Thank you for stopping by and if anyone is going to that event come on by and say hello!

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Octavio Perez said...

Lots of beautiful work on your blog Orlando! VERY NICE!
Perez(from Ringling)