Landscape painting and some photos

The top ones were done the night before from some great photos on flickr
and the bottom ones are near the River that is a couple blocks away from the TAD studio.

Supplies include: Holbiens Acrylic Gouache, pallet, tracing paper, Napkins, Arches 140lb Paper, some really cheap brushes, and masking tape.

This is a Photo of me in between my work and a Gary Kelly piece. Awesome!
A figure a demo of the Mark English technique.
I love this city!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Everyone,

So I have been doing some landscape painting to get ready for ArtOutside which is where TAD studio will be all weekend, so if your going then come and check out some landscape painting and figure drawing that will be going on during the day.


Erin McGuire said...

Awesome stuff! :) I like those landscapes a lot. We'll have to get down there to see you guys sometime.

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thanks Erin! Just let us know so we prepare to take the day off!

Dustin d'Arnault said...

Dude great stuff! I love how even in the photo Gary Kelly work glows holly light!