Michael jackson Final

Hey everyone,
So "The O Show" is all most here and I am just finishing up the final pieces for it. This is the final piece of Michael Jackson. Oh and a giclee print of this piece will be raffled out at the show by one of our sponsers!!! Enjoy.


ernesto said...

wow. what an awesome piece. i love the concept, i totally fresh and unique way at approaching michael.
your technic is well executed.

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thank you Ernesto. One of these days I will set time aside to show the process I go through.

KC said...

friggin incredible~!!

Romulo said...
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Romulo said...

Hi Orlando,
This piece about Michael is the best art I've ever seen about him! Its eerie yet honest because Michael was all those things. I think he looked great even before the nose job and I felt sorry that he always felt so ugly that he got all that surgery done. I'm not sure from the painting whether you liked or disliked Michael, or were neutral - it's just an honest look at him. But just out of curiosity, were you a fan or no? The big full moon in the back is very powerful too!!