THE FIND magazine online

These two pieces are for a hip-hop magazine called "The Find" here's a link All the illustrations in the magazine were done from a close group of friends oliver, francis, eric, tyler, and the one who designed the layouts and started the whole project Dustin darnault. I had a blast doing these illustrations, I also had a chance to start growing my music collection of "The Roots"

The top Illustration is about how the hip-hop community as a whole should go back to where it all started AFRICA. In reading the article I found a hip-hop artist known as k'naan that inspired my creativity. His music derives from Africa and what is and has been going on there such as kids with guns, poverty, the corrupt government and so on. If you have a chance check him out.

The second Illustration was about how great the roots are and yet they haven't hit the mainstream listeners even though they are your mc's favorite mc's. So I decided to show you who they are with portraits and what instruments they play. Oh and if you didn't know they are now the house band for jimmy fallon!!!!!!! So if you don't know the roots get to know them!!!! Here i'll get you started with some music videos click here.

Tell what you think of the work, comments are always appreciated. Thank you for stopping by.


mclean said...

Good Job man! I think these are some of the strongest pieces I've ever seen from you. Keep it up!

Hugh Langis said...

Sick work Orlando. Love the compositions! especially the drummer.

Geary Day said...

the roots piece is sick..what medium did you use

Keyla Valerio said...

these are great!