Id like to ShOW YoU SoMEthing

These are some things i have been working on lately. The top kid is my little brother who did a collaboration with me for a skateboard. The other ones are warm up studies for the bottom two which were for a show in orlando florida. The show was to relate to the sexuality of women. These two were made for that show specifically although I put eight more of them in that were figure drawings. Enjoy. Thank you for your patience on my post.


Dustin dArnault said...

Hey man that gouache keeps getting better and better! I dig the piece with the girl and the shadow... but you knew I would hahah.

Keep it up bro!

Oliver Dominguez said...

Hey bro! Nice work man, love the portrait piece of the girl. Love what your doing with gouache man. Keep that brush going man.



Tyler said...

woah bro!!! keep up with the gouache action like the others said - these are looking marvelous sir!

with love,

jihad lahham said...

well done sir... just well done

Orlando Sanchez said...

Thank you very much guys. I will begin putting up my process work next, that way I can force my self not to skip steps. Hope you dustin, oliver, tyler and of course jihad are doing very well.

Loving the support
Orlando Sanchez jr.

Hugh Langis said...

C'est splendide cela!

Francis Vallejo said...

the last one..AWESOME!!!

Matthew Lopez said...

nice drawings man. cool colors