New project I'm working on.

Hello this image is just a sketch I did while I'm coming up for an image on the awareness of the situation on HIV in South Africa. I'm reading a couple books on the cultures in Africa and doing some research on-line. I have to say this is some really interesting stuff especially the theory that the HIV virus originated from a small group of chimpanzees with SIV back in the 1930's. For more information feel free to visit http://www.avert.org/ This site has plenty of interesting information on HIV.


Oliver Dominguez said...

Nice piece, love the looseness of the color and the expression is great, the type fits really well with the piece.

Geary Day said...

nice piece man

Will Ralston said...

Your a crazy little sketchin Mexican man. Great piece. There's a real mood to it. Hows Naples treating yah? Hope your doing well.